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ISROW LEGAL P.A., founded by Jordan Isrow, is a forward-thinking law firm that redefines the traditional practice of law.

After spending more than a decade honing his craft as a litigator in the public and private sector and as General Counsel of an international conglomerate, Isrow witnessed firsthand the problems within the legal industry: operational inefficiencies, archaic billing practices, lack of quality work, poor communication and ambivalent legal advice that leaves clients in the dark. He created ISROW LEGAL with the goal of revolutionizing the legal experience and setting a new industry standard.

Specializing in complex litigation, corporate law, real estate, commercial transactions and government affairs, ISROW LEGAL combines the formidable strengths of Biglaw, the personalized service of boutique firms, and the sophistication of experienced General Counsel to create a unique and unparalleled approach to legal services. ​​​We embrace alternative fee arrangements and adopt new technologies to enhance efficiency, streamline communication and provide exceptional value to clients, including Fortune 500 companies, startups, individuals and government entities. 


We understand that clients need more than just legal representation. They need trusted advisors with sound judgment who can guide them through complex challenges, provide clear and reliable advice on a wide array of issues, negotiate favorable agreements and draft ironclad contracts. We not only identify legal risks and mitigate liability, but proactively work with clients to help protect their interests and achieve their objectives, ensuring that their business thrives in a dynamic legal landscape. We are tirelessly devoted to solving problems, resolving disputes and empowering success.

We also recognize that every client is unique and their legal needs deserve personalized attention. We take pride in offering concierge service, where our clients are not just case numbers, but valued partners. ISROW LEGAL is committed to building and maintaining lasting relationships, listening attentively to your concerns and tailoring our services to your specific goals and preferences.

Our mission is clear: to help our clients navigate the complexities of the legal, business and governmental landscapes with sophistication, professionalism and precision, and to stand as stalwart advocates for our clients in and out of the courtroom.

At ISROW LEGAL, we treat your legal matters as if they were our own.

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